A Flight Attendants Hero

My whole entire world, my rock 🌎❀️

When I was driving home from work the other night, I ended up in park on the Cajon pass due to a car accident. As I sat there I started crying, (not a Melanie-cries-at-everything crying, but a happy cry). This man, our love, and our life has brought me to happy tears many times…

I did not grow up wishing to be a mom or thinking about babies, fantasizing about having a wedding, or planning the dress or diamond. I grew up dreaming about getting to be someone’s partner one day. I have known since an extremely young age what I have wanted in life, and what God has wanted for me. My life with Chris is exactly that. For many years I have been asking God to bless my other half, wherever he may be in the world, and to shower him in happiness and health. My prayers haven’t changed – still asking Him to shower Chris in happiness and health – but now I also thank God daily for bringing him to me.

As I was crying parked on the Cajon Pass at 1am all I could think about was how loved he makes me feel every second of every day, and how blessed I am to not only have him, but that he supports my crazy career. It is not easy to be with a Flight Attendant … flight attendants live a crazy life, for a million reasons, and one of them is that when we’re at work, we’re gone in a different city/state/country, but when we’re home, we get to live life like we’re retired and on vacation 18 days a month. It has its pros and cons … one of the pros is that I get to give Chris my FULL attention when I am home, 24/7. There is no time out – when I am there, I am 100% there. And getting to be there 24 hours a day, 18 days out of the month, is more than some people even have after they’re retired. A con is that I don’t get to be there in person everyday, and that it takes a lot of trust.

I’m beyond blessed that the love of my life lets me love him & be his parter from afar.

Yes, my career is crazy, and it’s something a flight attendant either can or can’t handle. You’ll last 6 months or a life time being a flight attendant … there is no in between … I thank God being a flight attendant does work for me. However, I believe the real praise goes to Chris. I may be working long & crazy hours, dealing with emergencies 35k feet in the air, and gone from home for a handful of days at a time, cleaning up puke, running on no sleep, getting puked ON, eating dinner standing up in my galley, lucky if I get to eat AND shower on my rest time, and usually I wake up not knowing what city I’m in. But Chris is the one who loves and supports me through it all, he is the one who is my rock, the other part of my soul, and my best friend. HE is the one that supports this life I have, even when it means he’ll be crawling in to our bed alone that night, even though he has to have dinner alone that night, even when he has to go to events flying solo. People try to give Flight Attendants credit for loving our other half while we are at work, but that is the easiest part of my life – no distance could change my love or loyalty to him, and I’ll be his partner no matter where I am, because he is my world no matter where in the world I am. The real hard part is for the other half who is at home while us flight attendants are gone. They are the real hero of the relationship. Chris is the one who deserves the credit. I have asked something hard of him – to love and support me despite my career, to spend days and nights alone, to do things long distance 10 days of the month, to have a half empty bed some nights. The fact that he never fails at dominating our relationship even while I’m at work, is one of the bazillion trillion reasons I love him.

Let’s make something clear….Flight Attendants are NOT unlovable, we are not hard to love, we usually have great personalities, are extremely adaptable to what life throws at us, and can always make the best out of a shitty situation. My point here is that not everyone is willing to deal with the cons of being with a flight attendant. As a result I know a countless number of people I work with who have broken hearts because their person was “over our lifestyle”. 

Shoutout to Chris, for being the real hero to my world, life, & to my career…for letting me love him from afar, and for loving me…last but not least for staying strong no matter where I amπŸŒŽπŸ’•

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