Your Time For Happiness Is Now

Happy April 1st everyone!

It’s a new month that’ll hopefully include some flowers starting to bloom, and it’s a new month with all new possibilities! Just like every day is.

Do you ever stop and realize how much time has passed and yet nothing has changed? Well welcome to the day you’ve been incredibly blessed with, so here is your chance to make sure that the next time you think about how much time has passed, you see changes and progress.

Never forget to recognize that you were blessed to wake up today so this day is YOURS! Yes, you may be busy and need to go to work along with doing nine million other things, but this day is still YOUR BLESSING.

Alright, where am I going with this? Here it is. I want you all to do one thing each day of this month that makes a step towards you becoming the person you want to be, or one thing that is a step towards reaching the life you want to have. I don’t care how big or small it is. One thing. Every. Day. Big, small, medium, purple, hufflelump, green eggs and ham? I don’t care. One thing, with no limits of the size.

You have no idea how powerful that one thing can be.

Do you want to be someone who drinks tea? Someone who walks away from gossip?Someone who goes to the gym or someone who eats salads? This is your time.

Tomorrow, and having more time is not guaranteed, so if you want to be the person of your dreams, NOW is your chance. Do not let your opportunity slip away.

  • Do you want to go back to school? Apply for the FAFSA and sign up for one class. Can’t do that yet? Start getting your paperwork together to submit your FAFSA.
  • Do you want to shave your head or change your hair color? Book the appointment. If you don’t have enough money, put $1 in an envelope everyday to start saving up towards being able to afford the salon service.
  • Do you want to order tea once a week instead of coffee? Today is your day. You can still choose between caffeine or decaf so don’t worry about not having caffeine to get through the day.
  • Do you want to be someone who goes to the gym and is happy with their physical health? Squat away! Having buns is fun. You can start with doing 10 squats before bed. Too much? Do 5.
  • Do you want to paint your nails because it makes you feel good? I don’t care if you pick Halloween orange, blazing red, or sick green .. it’s going to look GREAT on you because you are freaking BEAUTIFUL. God wouldn’t of created you this way if He didn’t think you were priceless and gorgeous. Then next week when it starts to chip, do it again. You’ll have the nails of your dreams.
  • Maybe you want to be someone who smiles at people you pass on the street or in the store. There’s not a single person who wouldn’t want a smile given to them, even if they don’t smile back. Don’t be afraid, instead remind yourself that you are spreading joy and light. You could be making that persons day. It may be the only smile they’re given all week as they live alone and there family lives out of state. Maybe they just lost a loved one. Maybe they just failed a test or didn’t nail that job interview. Smile at them.
  • Want to stop eating meat? I was vegan for almost a year and I’m allergic to 26 things. Trust me, it’s possible and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Make a goal to find one new Vegan / Vegetarian recipe on Pinterest every day, and soon you’ll have a whole meal plan to start putting in to action. If I, Melanie Boyajian, who is the pickiest eater in the world, who has 26 allergies can do it, you can too. Your first step can be creating that Pinterest account.

You CAN be the person you want to be. You CAN have the life you want. I can not stress this enough and I wish that everyday I can get on a mountaintop and scream it to the world. It all starts with each choice you make, and they don’t even need to be huge and dramatic choices. The smallest things all add up and can create a big result. These choices can be so small that you’re the only one who even notices.

No one has the power to stop you from doing any of these things because you are the only one who has control over your actions. People can influence you, but you’re not a robot. God gave us the power of choice and free will, so no one controls your mind and body but yourself. If anyone tries to convince you that you are not capable of taking steps and that you’re not capable of achievement, then tell them adios 👋🏼 I promise you’ll have a better life without them. Or, maybe just ignore their judgment, do it anyways, and let them WATCH you achieve your goals. Maybe you are the success they need to see to start working towards their own goals. I don’t know everything but I know happiness is contagious.

  • Make a real list, NOT in your head. Yes, seriously, get a piece of paper or grab your phone and write down what you want changed or bettered. Then write down at least one step on HOW to get there. For example, your goal may be “drink more tea”. Beneath or next to that your “step” may be, “order tea instead of coffee every Wednesday”. Bam. You just made a goal AND a plan.
  • Set a daily alarm on your phone to remind yourself to look at your list. Set this alarm for every morning as you are about to start your new day and for every afternoon as well so you don’t forget to get it done. This alarm / list is not there to stress you out, it’s there so you are reminded over and over again of your goals. It’ll keep it on your mind, and what you think about becomes reality.
  • Get an app that tracks habits. I suggest “Productive – Habit Tracker“. You can add a habit for each goal, (drink more tea), and each day that you hit that goal, (ordering tea instead of coffee), you mark that down within the “drink more tea” habit. You’ll be amazed how motivated you’ll be once you start to see all the days adding up. Eventually it won’t be something you need to think about or be reminded about, instead, ordering tea will just be your new normal.
  • Make sure that as time goes on you UPDATE your list. Maybe in a week or two you will change your tea goal from “order tea instead of coffee on Wednesday’s”, to “order tea instead of coffee on Wednesday’s and Fridays”.
  • When you think about how much time has passed since March you’ll see changes. You will no longer be someone who WANTS to be someone who drinks more tea, instead you ARE that person. And you ARE the person working towards your goals, being five steps closer than you were the week before. Be proud of that.

Quick note here….We don’t need to be unhappy in life to want to make changes or to want to better ourselves. I love my life and the people in it, and I’m proud of who I’ve become in life. But that does not mean I’m perfect. (Insert me snort laughing because no one would ever think that anyways😂). However, I still want to be someone who drinks more tea and takes better care of my body. I still want to be someone who doesn’t get so upset over how some co workers with the airline merge I’m apart of are trying to treat myself and my co workers. Eventually I want to be someone who NEVER gets upset over it. I also want to be a better girlfriend who gives Chris space when he’s worked 19 days in a row, instead of a girlfriend who smothers him because I miss him. And last but not least, I’m definitely someone who is trying to be a better daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, and sister.

I will say it again. You can love your life and still want to better it. You can love YOURSELF and still want to be better. If God keeps blessing you with new days, do something meaningful with them please. God blessed you with this life; be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

So whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, champagne, or have chosen to become sober and are sipping on bubbly apple juice, cheers to a happy April my friends 💐🍾 So what do you want to change? What do you want to better about yourself? And how are you going to take the first step to achieve those goals?

You are amazing, beautiful, and endlessly adored and loved by God. You are worth putting the time and effort into yourself to be happy.

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