God & the Not-So-Glamorous – The Real Daily Life As A Flight Attendant

This career can be hard, draining, exhausting, and a whole bunch of other things. And I know I’m not the only Flight Attendant in the world who tries to make it look as pretty & fun as possible…let’s be honest – we don’t post about the not so glamorous days, (which are 90% of them). I know a lot of people think that when I go to work I’m on vacation, when in reality, I’m grateful if I get to shower AND eat dinner that night. As Flight Attendants we’re away from our loved ones, and working 14 hour days with 9 hours of rest…(meaning it’s only 9 hours from the time I land, deplane, get to the hotel, shower, eat, sleep, wake up, get ready, and get back to the airport and back on the plane)…all while handling 180 people at a time 40k feet in the air stuck in a metal tube…and don’t forget 21C needs a bandaid, 8B wants another Diet Coke, 17A wants to buy headphones, it’s turbulent, and 32A just threw up!

(It doesn’t matter that you’re running on 5 hours of sleep).

In this picture I look like I’m running off fumes and I’m not going to deny that – I obviously look like a wreck. I was tired from the back to back to back 2am report times, long days, and short rests. I was upset because arguments suck and are not easy over FaceTime, and I just wanted to go home. But you know what? No matter how much I want to go home, no matter how exhausted and absolutely drained this job makes me – I’m always grateful for it for a million different reasons. I’m grateful to say that I have never doubted that this is right where God intended me to be when He brought me to this earth, and I also know that a lot of the pain I went through in life prepared me for this. No matter how many days I have where I don’t want to go to work, I am a Flight Attendant, and I’m a better person because of it. By a long shot, the greatest honor of my lifetime is getting to be Chris’s partner…the second absolute greatest honor of my lifetime is being a Flight Attendant.

On this not-so-glamorous day I was grateful to hold this INCREDIBLY beautiful seven week old baby for about a half hour. Sometimes in the hustle, bustle, heartache, and exhaustion of this crazy career and life as a Flight Attendant I need to see a little precious baby and be reminded why I do what I do. To be reminded that we all have a purpose in this world..that my mother use to hold me like this and gave up her life for mine, so I refuse to waste it by not helping others, and that I have loved ones in Heaven that I want to make proud. And to be reminded that these passengers, from the ones who yell at me, the ones ask for too much Diet Coke, and all the way to this precious angel baby are the people I have vowed to protect and keep safe.

Happy flying my friends ❤️✈️✌🏼

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