The Benefits And Beauty Of Constants In Life

Its 6:02am and I’m currently in the air DeadHeading on a quick puddle jump flight from Spokane, WA to Seattle, WA. Today is go-home-day in the metal tube which is always my favorite. As much as I love Hawaii, the sand in Cancun, high rise views in Fort Lauderdale, and laughs with my crew members that mean so much to me, nothing beats coming home and seeing Chris’s face.

As I texted my mom telling her I love her before the plane took off she replied that she loved me too. That’s usually the end of the conversation but for some reason I felt that I needed to reply back to her saying, “always”.  Not only did it hit me so hard to say that, but then all the meanings behind that word in my life also hit me extremely hard. Then all of a sudden I had tears in my eyes. All of a sudden I felt all the “always” in my life more Powderly than I ever have before.

  • God always loves me
  • God is always good
  • My mother always loves me
  • My dad has always loved me, even when I wasn’t deserving
  • God always knew that I was meant to be a flight attendant, and led me there
  • I will always love Chris
  • I will always love his children more than I ever thought possible
  • I am always protected by Jesus, God, and my lost loved ones that are now guardian angels
  • I will always be imperfect, but perfectly loved by God
  • I will always have something to offer the world; wether it’s a kiss on my niece and nephews forehead, making someone laugh, helping someone not feel alone, or trying to spread the word of God
  • I will always be grateful for my career, even on the bad days
  • I will always have the choice how I treat other people
  • I will ALWAYS have the choice on how I treat myself

And last but not least … for all my fellow Harry Potter fans…

After all this time?


This may not seem like much, but I believe these ‘always’ are what get me through each day and what make my world go round.

What are some of your ‘always’? Sometimes we need to remember the things in life that won’t change, no matter what life throws at us.

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