Virgin America, You Flew Away With Our Hearts ❤️✈️ My Last Day As A Virgin America Flight Attendant

Due to changes with the buy out, yesterday was the last day that I got to wear this beautiful red uniform. 👠✈️

The uniform that I was proud to put on every day, the uniform representing the job and company that made me a better person and that brought so much joy, happiness, health, peace, and new friends into my life.

My years before Virgin America were filled with a lot of heartache tears – wether it were things not working out, the tragic passing of my four friends, or the tears from feeling unfulfilled…When I found out that I was hired at Virgin I broke down in happy tears for the first time in my life…Words can’t describe how much joy this airline brought in to my life for sooo many different reasons.

🔻 After putting on this uniform for the last time yesterday, I want to personally thank Virgin America for all they have done for me and my life. For being awarded as “the best airline” every single year we flew, (since we launched 11 years ago), and for finding me worthy & letting me be apart of that.

🔻 Thank you for all the friends you have given me. From Catherine – the amazing woman who is now my family and one of my best friends, to the countless other friends who I have spent these past years laughing and cleaning up way too much puke with, to some others who have become mentors to me.

🔻 Thank you Virgin America for making me a better person and giving me a life that I am proud to have – one that I know is in accordance with Gods will – one that has a purpose to help others.

🔻 Virgin America – you were the best of the best. The airline that flew for only 11 years but changed the industry – the airline that no airline was able to copy. An airline that did in 11 years what others have been trying to achieve for many decades. Not only a unique product and a unique plane, but the best crews and employees that you could find in the industry. It is no secret that it was the people that made Virgin what it was.

Virgin America you flew away with our hearts. Thank you for everything you have given me. It was an honor of a life time to have been apart of your mood lite ride ❤️✈️

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