Never Stop Running – Why You Should Always Mentally and Emotionally Run In Life

A lot of my life has been based around running. Running away from the things I didn’t want – anxiety, depression, shitty people, a state that didn’t feel like home at the time. Along with heartbreak, death, and bad memories that I wanted out of my head. Running from continuously hurting my family and from a career that wrecked my peace and happiness every single day.

It may consume a lot of my time but running away from things is not the definition of who I am. It wasn’t my only priority; I ran towards just as much as I ran away. I ran towards actions that would eliminate the toxic and negative, and I ran towards building and achieving my dreams and all things I found filled with love and purpose.

Let’s look at some specifics of things I have ran towards? … Towards doing something meaningful with my life, to every flight bound for Washington DC, towards my other half and loved ones, towards the people who accepted and understood me, towards a life where I knew I was making my family proud, to being the best version of myself I could ever be. Towards my dreams and goals, towards building a life that honored my loved ones who had passed on.

Here’s the thing though. My story isn’t done just because I’ve achieved some of those things. This is not the end of my story and no matter where I am in life I will never stop running. Running is the best thing you could for yourself.

Yes, I have my dream career and I’m happy for the most part, I’m healthy, I have bettered myself throughout the years, and I’m surrounded by some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life – but there is so much more to do, see, and achieve, and there are more things to fix, too.

Here are some dreams I still have in life…

  • Expand my yoga practice and become a certified instructor to teach classes for Veterans and people suffering from PTSD
  • Fund the resources to build at least one water well in Africa before I die. (My parents are aware that this is where my life insurance will go if something were to happen to me).
  • See and experience all four corners of the world. Know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Heal my busted hip.
  • Heal my broken heart.
  • Teach CCD classes to young children in the Catholic church.
  • Lead a Bible study group for inmates in prison.
  • Be a bone marrow transplant for someone in need. (More on this in a future blog post!)

As you can see, God willing, I still have a lot of running to do. I will not settle for half achieving my goals and dreams.

It is not a bad thing if you want to run. Some people beat themselves up for it but I personally think that it’s a great quality to hold. It does not mean that you are ungrateful for where you are at in life – you can be endlessly grateful for what you have and have done, and at the same time know that there is more you want to do for yourself and for this world.

Whatever you are running towards doesn’t need to be this big project either. Whatever makes you happy, do it. It can be as small as painting your bedroom because you don’t love the color. Always remember that no ones goals are more important or bigger than yours – do not let someones goal of becoming CEO stop you from thinking painting your bedroom isn’t important. A goal is a goal no matter the size. Happiness is happiness no matter the person or what is contributing to your happiness. Do you know why? Because each and every breath of life is the same. Every moment we all have the same breath. Now what you choose to do with your breath is up to you. We are all equal, and all deserve happiness.

Create and build everything you want and throw away everything you don’t. Life is too precious to waste it settling.

No matter what anyone says, your hope, goals, and dreams are realistic. They can become your reality. Do not let ANY person on this earth tell you that something isn’t realistic. I am proof that if 99% of people think your dream is crazy, it is still possible. Want proof? I’m not some superhero magician – I am not more special than someone else – I am not some amazing story or exception, I am just like you. I am no different. And I am surrounded daily by people who were in the same boat as me, equal to all of us, another human of this earth, and they are now living a life they built and love and trust me it took running to get there.

I am not special, I am not the exception, I am just like you and if I can do it, so can you.

Not happy? Run. Not content? Run.

When I one day see my friends that have passed on before me I want to be able to stand there and tell them that I made the most out of this life. I want to truly tell them that I did NOT waste my time, that I did NOT settle for what was handed to me but instead built what I wanted. That I served a purpose in this life. That I never stopped having hopes and dreams, that I ran from things I didn’t want, didn’t deserve, and caused me pain, and ran towards all the beauty that this world has to offer. I pray that you get to say the same exact things to your loved ones.

So I invite you, I am begging you, run with me. You deserve what makes you happy.


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