2018 Flight Plan, Part 2. Moving! Again?!

Rhode Island to DC, to Rhode Island, to San Francisco, to Charlotte, to …. San Francisco.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I, Melanie Boyajian, of all people is moving back to The Bay. My car is on it ways over, I’m all packed up and I’m on the flight out there as I type this.

Moving to Charlotte was by far one of the best things that I have EVER done with my life. I packed up and moved to a city where I didn’t know a single soul and I ended up with some of the best people I have ever met in my life. People that are now my family and will be in my life forever. I also ended up having a home for the first time in about four years…

Home is always a feeling, not a place.

So you’re probably wondering why I have made the decision to leave, especially considering on of how I feel about San Francisco.

Let’s go through this lovely list together, as there are a few reasons.

Right now it is the healthy option for me to move back to San Francisco because is going to approve my health, improve my finances, improve my quality of life, and set me up for the next step I would like to take in my career as a flight attendant.

I’ve tried to be positive about it, I tried to not let it bother me, but truthfully my cross country commute from Charlotte to San Francisco has been utter torture.

Just to give you guys an idea of how my days look ….

Option 1:

  • Wake up in Charlotte
  • Fly to San Francisco
  • Fly to Vegas
  • Fly to San Francisco
  • Fly to Los Angeles
  • *Have been awake and flying for 22 hours by the time I get to my hotel in Los Angeles*
  • *Have a minimum of six more days of flying in front of me*

Option 2:

  • Wake up in Charlotte
  • Fly to San Francisco
  • Work a red eye flight to New York City
  • *Have been awake for 24 hours by the time I get to my hotel room in New York City
  • Sleep during the day
  • Work the dinner flight back out to San Francisco that night
  • *3 cross country flights in 32 hours

To top it all off, my routine to get home is ALWAYS a red eye to Charlotte after I have worked three cross country flights in 32 hours. Sooo…work a red eye, Have a day sleep, work the dinner flight back to San Francisco, then take a red eye home….

On so many occasions I have broken down crying on the last half hour of my flight home because I have been awake for so long and my body is in so much pain from being so physically and mentally wrecked. I’m sitting there leaning on my tray table with my hands covering my eyes, silently crying, with tears falling down my face.

To sum that up I am always physically, mentally, and emotionally wrecked because of commuting. It is taking too much out of me. I’m sick all the time because by body is constantly run down, (literally all the time – I have had strep four times in the past five months!!) And being this wrecked all the time affects my days off as well – when I finally get home the only thing I can manage to do is sleep for 12-18 hours without even waking up once! That is clearly not giving me the option to enjoy my off days. By the time I’m heading back to work a few days later is usually around the time I’m starting to gain some energy back. This is not how I want to live my life. My mental health will always be my main priority when it comes to myself, and this is what I need to do to be healthy right now.

Due to the reasons mentioned above I am also not working any extra shifts, I can barely handle what I’m working right now. That is not helping me get where I want to be financially and it is also not setting me up for what I want to do next in my flight attendant career. (Stay tuned for that announcement!)

Yes, I have a life in charlotte that I am INCREDIBLY grateful for, (and this move will in no way shape or form affect my friendships there), but at the end of the day my situation between getting back and forth between San Francisco and Charlotte is clearly putting a toll of my quality of life. I was willing to make that sacrifice this past year but I have reached a point where I literally can’t handle being this wrecked all the time. I am past my breaking point.

Of course San Francisco is temporary – my goal is to be there absolutely max no longer than a year – but I am looking forward to where this helps me get, which city it’ll bring me to next, and honestly I’m actually also looking forward to making the most out of this coming year in San Francisco.

Let the new flight plan begin!

Side note:

I am very well aware that this post was boring – but I find it important to talk about because I never want to ignore the reality of being a flight attendant or give anyone the impression that this is some glamorous life. Commuting is a very common and real thing for pilots and flight attendants, as most people do commute.

My uniform is beautiful, I’m honored to get to work for the airline declared the best in the country, I adore every second I’m sipping smoothies on the beach in Maui, and I have a blast darting off to Europe at a moments notice. However. My life is not glamorous in the ways people think it is. I would be heartbroken is anyone ever put themselves in this career expecting it to be. I may be doing all those things but I am working my ass off daily, I will still be mentally and physically drained even though I won’t be commuting, (just not as much), I am constantly cleaning up puke, getting yelled at by passengers, working 10 hour days for 6 hours of pay, handling medical emergencies that are in my hands onboard. I can not tell you what time zone I am in, let alone what day of the week it is, and buying groceries is not something my income can always afford.

If you want to survive in this career you must know these things and you must love every “glamorous” second of it anyways. If you truly love this career it is because you find the “glamor” in the real day to day life we live.

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