My first love – God & Corps. To Everyone Who Had Their Military Career Cut Short

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday, America!

Even though there are so many political disagreements going on in my country at the moment, no matter which side of the argument I am on, I am still incredibly blessed and honored to call the United States of America my country…for some many reasons. The character, morals, and integrity of our military is at the core of that list.

That doesn’t mean my country hasn’t broken my heart though. In fact, I have NEVER experienced heart break as painful and shattering as that one.

We all have a first love. Some boy or girl we sat next to in Jr. High math class, someone you dated all through college, or the person you fell madly in love with at 32 years old. The love that showed you life is bigger than yourself, the love that made you a better version of yourself. My first love was a bit different than someone I dated or had met in my twenties. My first love was the United States Marine Corps.

I think I will know when I’ve met the right man in life because I will love him more deeply than I loved the Marine Corps. And I won’t just love him, I’ll be willing to die to save him, I’d be willing to drop everything and dedicate my life to him, I’d be willing to devote each breath to him.

To all of you out there who have had their military careers changed and taken away from you overnight, my heart deeply goes out to you. That is not an easy pain to carry. I pray that you know that what you did and who you are will never be taken away from you, despite what happened. Our military careers are not all going to be the same and are not all going to last a lifetime, as of course we all know that not none of them will ever go according to plan…but your journey – no matter what it is – is unique to you, and you should be proud of it. No matter how much pain you’re in because of your military plan changing, please know that it was worth it. It was worth every second of it. You are some of the bravest people this country is lucky to have. Someone may be able to take away you’re active duty status, however no one will ever be able to take away who you are and what that journey of yours helped you become.

The love you receive while being in the military is a love your blood family won’t understand, it is not something your father will ever wrap his head around, it is something that will always worry your mother, and it will never be something people will even begin to understand unless they have gone through it first hand. Not second hand, first hand. That true life, dedication, passion, and journey has no words.

My journey with the Marine Corps is a story for a different day, but on this 4th of July as I’m extremely missing Rhode Island and my family, while wishing I was out on the boat with them, I want to look at the positive that this country and our military has brought to me, instead of focusing on the pain.

I would not be even half the woman I am today if it wasn’t for the Marine Corps.

I owe who I am in life today to the Marine Corps, as it is my foundation.

So to my Corps, thank you for letting me find love, thank you for letting me learn love, thank you for letting me know what it’s like to be willing to die for something and someone, as all of these things and many other things you gave me, have changed my life for the better. It was an honor of a lifetime to wear your uniform and I’m counting down the days until I have it back on for good.

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